"We offer a 2 week no obligation trial period on our HEARING AIDS"

After our thorough examination we may find that you require a hearing aid.

This is a small device worn on the ear that consists of a microphone, an amplifier or processor and a loudspeaker that transmits the optimised sounds into your ear. While they are not a cure for hearing loss they offer a remediation and can lessen the impact that hearing loss has on your life. They are designed to help you hear everyday sounds such as the doorbell and telephone, and improve your ability to hear speech.

We work with reputable hearing aids companies - Oticon, Widex, Siemens, Starkey and Unitron. All of which have a full range of products and styles to suit your needs. We will select the correct hearing aid according to the level of your hearing loss.

To be sure that we find the right hearing aid for you, we can offer a two week no obligation trial. * Please visit our FAQ for more info.

How can hearing aids help your tinnitus? Most hearing aids now have built in tinnitus maskers to help the habituation process and mask out your tinnitus. When a hearing loss is present, often just wearing a hearing aid and receiving amplification masks out one’s tinnitus.
Did you know? Hearing aid technology has changed so much over the years. You are now able to connect your device to your cell phone, TV, Audio Player and MP3 player through Bluetooth. You can additionally control your hearing aid through an App downloaded onto your phone.