Signs of hearing loss and risk factors

  • Difficulty hearing in a noisy environment
  • TV and Radio is turned up louder than what it used to be
  • Ringing, buzzing or phantom sounds in one or both ears, this is known as tinnitus
  • Constantly asking people to repeat themselves, especially in a group situations
  • Sounds appear to be muffled
  • Must read lips to understand what people are saying
  • Experience difficulty communicating on the phone
  • Withdraw or avoid social situations

What puts a person at risk for a hearing loss?

  • Age, unfortunately the older a person gets the more at risk they are for hair cell damage in the cochlear. We recommend to start having your hearing tested from as young as 50 years of age
  • Exposures to loud levels of noise e.g. factory or other industrial noise, shooting, motorbike, loud music
  • Family history of hearing loss
  • Ototoxic drugs e.g Chemotherapy agents, Gentamicin, Loop diuretics
  • Autoimmune inner ear diseases
  • Head Injury
  • History of middle ear problems
  • Inner ear virus or disease

Caring for your ears and hearing

  • Do not use earbuds to clean your ears! Rather consult with your Audiologist, GP or ENT for safe wax removal.
  • If you partake in any activities that involve loud noise, have custom made earplugs fitted by your Audiologist.
  • Limit your amount of time listening to loud music through an MP3 player to an hour a day at an acceptable noise level.
  • If you have been at risk for a hearing loss, have your hearing tested annually.
  • If you experience sudden symptoms of tinnitus, vertigo or hearing loss, consult with your Audiologist or ENT specialist.