Your hearing is our top priority, understanding your hearing history as well as your concerns are an important part of your appointment and evaluation with us.

"My deepest and most sincere thanks go to Melissa Cooper Audiology and Oticon South Africa.
I simply cannot believe they found a solution for me! There are so many new sounds in my life!" – Brad Wilmot

"Melissa was charming,friendly and thoroughly professional.
I really enjoyed interacting with her and getting her expert opinion and advice." – Kate Turkington


Do a quick hearing test. Next time you are out having coffee shake your sugar packet . . . if you cannot hear it, you may have a hearing loss! Book an appointment, we will use various methods of testing to evaluate your hearing so that we can find the perfect hearing solution for you.


We offer mandated routine hearing screening at schools. We will travel to your required location and test as well as provide a report for each child.

Please be in touch should you require this specialised service.



We are open from 8:30 to 16:30   Monday to Friday. We try to accommodate all our patients with an appointment within 2-3 days.

Convenient parking spaces available for patients at the rear of our practice.